Dejan Radonjic / Head Coach

Å alis: Montenegro
GimÄ—: 1970-02-02
Crvena Zvezda Belgrade
Crvena Zvezda Belgrade
2022-04-14 The EuroLeague season hit a crucial checkpoint. The eight remaining teams will continue their campaign in the payoffs, while the other 10 have time to reconsider their ...
2022-02-20 Dejan Radonjic broke the rules. Before the final whistle, the ejected coach joined the Crvena Zvezda players with less than a minute to play in the Serbian Cup final. He ...
2022-01-27 Crvena Zvezda Belgrade forced Olympiacos Piraeus to their first home defeat in the EuroLeague season while racking up their first-ever win at the Peace and Friendship ...

2021-2022: Belgrado Crvena Zvezda (Serbija) vyr. treneris