Did Olympiacos Need Brazdeikis & Worst/Best EuroLeague Contracts (URBONUS)

URBONUS’ Donatas Urbonas & Augustas Suliauskas react to Ignas Brazdeikis’ transfer from Olympiacos to Zalgiris and preview the EuroLeague season, analyzing the best and worst offseason contracts, the No. 1 pick in the EuroLeague, coaches on the hot seat, and more.


  • Reaction to Brazdeikis move to Olympiacos (00:00);
  • Why it’s a win-win move for Zalgiris (6:58);
  • What Brazdeikis will bring to Olympiacos (11:33);
  • Did Olympiacos stay in title contention (17:00);
  • Potential Zalgiris candidates to replace Brazdeikis (20:17);
  • Worst Euroleague offseason contracts (27:13);
  • Best offseason contracts (36:40);
  • No. 1 pick of EuroLeague draft (44:15);
  • Early MVP candidate (50:00);
  • The first head coach to be fired (54:06);
  • The new EuroLeague coach to follow (1:03:21);
  • Most interesting newcomers to watch (1:07:21);
  • A team that had the best offseason (1:14:46);
  • Player poised for a breakout year (1:21:50);
  • The next important change for EuroLeague (1:27:58).

Germany’s Gold Recipe & Miserable USA vs. Canada

URBONUS’ Donatas Urbonas, Rytis Vysniauskas & Augustas Suliauskas share their reactions following the FIBA World Cup 2023 final between Germany and Serbia.

Serbian Heroes, USA’s Collapse & Final Prediction (URBONUS podcast)

URBONUS’ Donatas Urbonas, Rytis Vysniauskas, and Augustas Suliauskas share views on main reasons behind the USA’s and Canada’s collapse and applaud the unsung heroes of Serbia and Germany. They also give their FIBA World Cup 2023 title game and MVP predictions.


  • Shockingly simple actions that made the USA collapse (0:00);
  • How did NBA habits hurt the USA in the World Cup (9:33);
  • Which USA players would make the Olympic team (15:30);
  • Addressing USA’s issue once again (20:40);
  • Unsung Germany’s heroes that clinched the W (25:27);
  • Aleksa Avramovic over Dillon Brooks (31:19);
  • Did Canada get confused? (37:11);
  • How Serbia stopped Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (42:40);
  • Serbian mamba (49:50);
  • Serbia vs. Germany prediction (55:57);
  • Why Carmelo Anthony left the gym (1:05:43).

Problem with Doncic, Weird Schroder & Semifinal Predictions (URBONUS podcast)

URBONUS’ Donatas Urbonas, Augustas Suliauskas, and Rytis Vysniauskas discuss the frustrating Luka Doncic experience, the worst night for Dennis Schroder, and how Serbia exposed Lithuania. Also, they share their FIBA World Cup semifinal predictions.


  • The issue with Luka Doncic (0:00);
  • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s example to Luka (6:20);
  • Dillon Brooks & Canada’s way of stopping Luka (11:53);
  • What for Dennis Schroder should be and shouldn’t be blamed for (25:25);
  • Are we okay with the last Davis Bertans shot? (34:35);
  • Is Zagars a EuroLeague player? (38:19);
  • Another “Latvian” that increased his value (44:12);
  • How Serbia exposed Lithuania (47:10);
  • Weird Italian reactions on social media (1:00:15);
  • Serbia vs. Canada prediction (1:06:20);
  • Very precise prediction for Germany vs. Team USA (1:10:49).

How Lithuania Stunned the USA & World Cup Quarterfinal Predictions (URBONUS podcast)

URBONUS’ Donatas Urbonas, Rytis Vysniauskas & Augustas Suliauskas share their World Cup quarterfinal predictions and discuss a spectacular Lithuania victory over the USA.


  • The biggest victory behind Lithuania’s W over USA (0:00);
  • Disrespect toward Lithuania? (4:09);
  • Lithuania’s example of how to beat the USA (9:45);
  • Funny story behind arriving at a historical game (13:45);
  • Lithuania exposed the USA’s weaknesses? (18:09);
  • Canada was 1-2 shots away from missing the Olympics? (22:19);
  • Did Spain expose Canada’s weakness? (27:37);
  • How the “bad guy” turned into the hero for Canada (30:50);
  • Unmatched qualities that brought Latvia to the top (37:23);
  • Just another story that shows how unique Luigi Datome is (44:39);
  • Lithuania vs. Serbia prediction (50:50);
  • Italy vs. USA prediction (57:20);
  • Germany vs. Latvia prediction (1:00:43);
  • Slovenia vs. Canada prediction (1:03:45).