Teodosic Out, Wembanyama’s Odd Move, Free Agency Winners & Losers (URBONUS podcast)

URBONUS podcast returns with a new lineup of Donatas Urbonas, Rytis Vysniauskas, and Augustas Suliauskas, discussing the Milos Teodosic cut by Svetislav Pesic, the top summer market winners and losers, and introducing the most exciting EuroLeague rookies.


  • Intro about the new URBONUS lineup (00:00);
  • Reaction after Milos Teodosic cut (2:35);
  • For and against Lorenzo Brown’s naturalization (10:19);
  • The clear winner of the EuroLeague free agency (18:55);
  • Strange NBA case of Vasilije Micic (24:15);
  • Why Madrid is the winner and loser of the summer (27:57);
  • Three key areas where Milan improved (34:32);
  • Rytis carrying Mike James bandwagon (40:40);
  • Stronger Barcelona with crucial question marks (43:47);
  • Why Baskonia was damaged this summer (54:11);
  • Why Wembanyama left ASVEL (57:15);
  • Tough summer for Bayern (1:04:05);
  • What happened to Maccabi? (1:08:44);
  • The rumors around Jordi and EuroLeague (1:13:09);
  • The most exciting EuroLeague rookies to watch (1:16:02).

Calathes Landing Spots, Spanoulis Risk & Next Big Fener’s Move (URBONUS podcast)

URBONUS lineup with BasketNews’ Donatas Urbonas, Augustas Suliauskas & Errick McCollum picks the best landing spot for Nick Calathes, discusses the next big move for Fenerbahce, Maccabi’s rebuild & Spanoulis risk and shares funny story about Luka Doncic.



  • Offers that McCollum left on the table (00:00);
  • CJ McCollum’s call after Errick’s battle vs. Luka Doncic (4:50);
  • The best landing spot for Nick Calathes (10:53);
  • The unexpected options for Calathes (15:34);
  • The best Calathes move for the EuroLeague (19:48);
  • The underrated moment in Calathes & Barcelona saga (25:48);
  • The next big signing for Fenerbahce (29:28);
  • Which Maccabi is better: the new one or the old one? (37:45);
  • What Wilbekin was missing in Maccabi (49:32);
  • (Not) concerning Spanoulis decision (56:14);
  • How ASVEL contained Mike James (1:06:13).

Why Wilbekin Should Choose Fener Over Barca & Saras Debate (URBONUS podcast)

Unusual URBONUS lineup with BasketNews’ Donatas Urbonas, Augustas Suliauskas & Errick McCollum discusses the Madrid’s triumph in the Spanish league; if Sarunas Jasikevicius is the main problem of Barca; why Scottie Wilbekin should choose Fenerbahce over Barcelona; how Virtus should build for the Final Four; why EuroCup still remains a better platform than BCL; luxury tax in Europe and unforgettable Luigi Lamonica experience.



  • Unusual URBONUS lineup (00:00);
  • Was Calathes the main issue for Barca? (1:54);
  • Reasons behind Barcelona’s collapse (7:23);
  • Why McCollum prefers Davies to Vesely (12:28);
  • Why Wilbekin should choose Fener over Barca (14:25);
  • If Saras is the one to be blamed for Barca’s collapse (18:21);
  • Rumors that might have hurt Barcelona (27:09);
  • Barca’s options to replace Higgins (29:55);
  • The mental breakdown after the EuroLeague (37:45);
  • Why Milan were better than Virtus (40:05);
  • The better idea than the salary cap in EuroLeague (45:37);
  • Moves that would boost Virtus to the Final 4 (53:00);
  • Why Spanish finals were unwatchable sometimes (59:09);
  • Unforgettable experience with Lamonica (1:06:12);
  • EuroCup or BCL? (1:10:10);
  • New favorites to win the EuroCup (1:17:42);
  • Why the London team won’t be punching bags (1:21:30).

Replacement for Micic, #1 EuroLeague Pick & Maccabi HC Ideas

Donatas Urbonas & Errick McCollum discuss the key off-season questions and share their ideas on a potential replacement for Vasilije Micic, name a star player that Fenerbahce should rebuild around, and throws head coaching ideas for Maccabi.


  • CJ and Errick McCollum disagree on NBA champions (00:00);
  • Ataman in the NBA & Efes case for a 3-peat (3:30);
  • The best replacements for Vasilije Micic (8:30);
  • Why Micic should stay in the EuroLeague (13:21);
  • The star player Fenerbahce should rebuild around (17:24);
  • The No. 1 EuroLeague pick by Errick McCollum (24:23);
  • Concerns over Monaco’s star signings (28:25);
  • The problem with the free agency in Europe (37:00);
  • Head coaching ideas for Maccabi (46:05);
  • Top 5 EuroCup signing ideas for EuroLeague clubs (54:11).

Shame in Belgrade & Ataman in the NBA

BasketNews’ Donatas Urbonas & Rytis Vysniauskas discuss the shameful events in the ABA league finals, Crvena Zvezda’s advantage over Partizan, the smart idea behind Clyburn’s announcement, and other EuroLeague signings and rumors.



  • The good news about Pablo Laso (00:00);
  • Shame in Belgrade that need to be solved (3:34);
  • Sad part behind circus in Lithuania (12:40);
  • Crvena Zvezda advantage over Partizan (22:50);
  • Efes adjustments with Clyburn’s arrival (29:43);
  • Bacon to Efes rumors (35:35);
  • Who fits better next to Zizic: Dunston or Nebo? (38:20);
  • Smart move by Messina (42:40);
  • Real’s answer to Nikola Mirotic (45:10);
  • Milutinov to Fenerbahce: in or out? (48:48);
  • Ataman to the NBA: in or out? (53:47);
  • Mind games behind Clyburn’s announcement (55:50);
  • Mike James joining Kevin Durant (57:50);
  • Chris Jones to Zalgiris: in or out? (1:02:01);
  • The problem of the EuroLeague teams (1:09:30).