Doc Rivers / Head Coach

Šalis: United States of America
Gimė: 1961-10-13
Philadelphia 76ers
Philadelphia 76ers

After suffering a series-deciding loss in Game 6 of the NBA Playoffs against the Miami Heat, the Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers was not happy with journalists questioning his place on the team.

Asked whether he worries about his job in Philly, Rivers became noticeably angry.

"I don't worry about my job. I do a terrific job and if you don't, then you should write it," he pushed back. "I worked my butt off to get this team here. When I first got here, no one picked us to be anywhere. Again, this year the same thing."

"If that's how anyone feels, write it, and I'm going to feel secure about it," he continued. "Every time you're wrong you lose your job? No, so it's the same thing, alright? Listen, if you believe that, then go with it."

"I know what I did this year, and I feel very good about that. Again, if you believe that, then you just run with it," Rivers raised his tone. "I just believe in our guys, that's my job as a coach."


Before things heated up, the coach talked about the playoffs and the struggle to win each year.

"The greatest thing about this is you keep trying to put your team back in these positions to win. That's what's so great about this," he said in the post-game press conference. "You don't lose and go home, you get to come back."

"That's the greatest part. A lot of people don't ever want to come back," the coach explained. "You put everything you have into it every year knowing that there's a chance, and probably a better chance, that you're not going to win it."

"You want to believe every year that you can, and every year that you don't, you get your heart broken, and it's worth it, it's absolutely worth it."

Full Doc Rivers press conference:

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