Alex Abrines thinks Barcelona will play faster and with more rhythm on the offensive side, utilizing the fast break more. He welcomes the rule change the Spanish Liga Endesa implemented and thinks it will make the game more attractive.

Credit: - Scanpix
Credit - Scanpix

Alex Abrines is set to start his fourth season in a row with FC Barcelona. With the club that is always expected to win it all, the last season was a letdown.

Alejandro Abrines

Alejandro  Abrines
Team: FC Barcelona
Position: SF, SG
Age: 29
Height: 197 cm
Weight: 93 kg
Birth place: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Barca let go of some of the key members of the roster and signed six new players during the offseason. With the change in personnel comes a change in the playing style that head coach Sarunas Jasikevicius demands.

"With the team we have, he is going to ask us to play with more rhythm, more on the counterattack, we will play faster, vertically, and in transition," the player said.

Several days ago, it was announced that the Spanish Liga Endesa would introduce a new rule in the league. According to the rule, referees do not have to touch the ball on the inbounds play in the team's backcourt, meaning the play can resume almost immediately after the out-of-bounds whistle.

"The new ACB regulations will allow us to run more, it can favor the game [and] the smartest," Abrines commented about the rule. "Although it is difficult to get used to at first, we will see a faster game all year long, it is good for the viewers."

Barcelona will start the new season without their leader Nikola Mirotic who is undergoing treatment for an Achilles injury. The club recently announced that the star forward will miss the SuperCup tournament and the start of both the EuroLeague and Liga Endesa.

"Niko is our best player, we are going to notice his absence but there are players to replace him, and those who are there will take a step forward to try to win," Abrines explained.

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