Bacon’s Middle Finger, Olympiacos Title Odds & Kyrie & Luka Fit (URBONUS podcast)

Panathinaikos legend James Gist joins URBONUS’ Donatas Urbonas & Errick McCollum to react to Kyrie Irving’s trade and discuss the blackout moments of Dwayne Bacon, Mike James, and Wade Baldwin. Also, they give their playoff predictions and name starters for the EuroLeague All-Star game.

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  • Prayers to earthquake victims (00:00);
  • Why Errick feels sorry for Kyrie & Luka teammates (3:42);
  • Next step for Luka Doncic (6:45);
  • Crazy James Gist trade (13:20);
  • Why EuroLeague needs trades (18:05);
  • Gist on Panathinaikos problem (23:28);
  • How teams should handle aggressive fans (26:32);
  • Understanding Mike James & Wade Baldwin blackout (34:23);
  • Is Maccabi a playoff team? (42:22);
  • Top 8 locks & teams in the playoff race (48:46);
  • Olympiacos to win the EuroLeague? (57:50);
  • EuroLeague Team Europe vs. Rest of World (1:06:30);
  • What does Lessort drink before games? (1:25:03);
  • Should EuroLeague go for the All-Star game (1:29:50).

Partizan & Zvezda for Top 8, Mike James in Latvia & Worst Shooting Forms (URBONUS podcast)

Join BasketNews’ Donatas Urbonas, Rytis Vysniauskas & Augustas Suliauskas as they break down the Belgrade derby, El Clasico & the closest thing to an NBA game. The URBONUS team shares their thoughts on naturalization options for Serbia, Greece & Lithuania and looks back at some of the worst shooting techniques in the NBA.


  • Must-watch basketball video you’ve never heard of (00:00);
  • X-factors behind Partizan W vs. Zvezda (4:35);
  • A career-low stat for Zeljko (13:44);
  • Best of Zvezda fans (17:43);
  • Who will make the playoffs: Partizan or Zvezda? (22:08);
  • Start, bench, cut: EuroLeague 35+ (26:14);
  • Illogical Llull & underrated Madrid’s star (29:08);
  • What’s wrong with Barca? (33:48);
  • The next Sergio Llull (40:48);
  • Ranking the most improbable events behind Baskonia W over Efes (44:05);
  • Pierria Henry case (52:37);
  • Naturalization ideas for Greece, Serbia & Lithuania (54:05);
  • How Mike James could have played for Latvia NT (58:08);
  • Jeremy Sochan & the worst NBA shooting forms (1:05:39).

A Message From Michael Jordan & Social Media Being Fake (BN Talks with Cory Higgins)

In the latest episode of BN Talks, Donatas Urbonas is joined by 2-time EuroLeague champion & current FC Barcelona guard Cory Higgins. Cory talks about his relationship with Michael Jordan & why he does not use social media.


  • The most overlooked EuroLeague players (00:00); 
  • Michael Jordan’s message after an iconic shot (2:50);
  • Learning from the worst NBA season ever (4:29);
  • NBA offers that Higgins has passed (5:35);
  • Bringing Michael Jordan to the EuroLeague game (6:20);
  • Higgins’ dad’s experience in Olympiacos (7:20); nafik mest
  • Higgins’ post-career plans (8:18); 
  • How the most difficult season turned into the great experience (10:10);
  • What fans are overlooking about reshaped Barcelona (14:29);
  • Relationship with Jasikevicius and Itoudis (16:00);
  • The reason why Higgins was signed to EuroLeague (17:44);
  • Why you’ll never see Higgins on social media (20:57);
  • Stopping one of the greatest teams in EuroLeague history (22:48).

EuroLeague in 2026, Final Four Future & #FreeFacu Situation (BN Talks with Marshall Glickman)

In an exclusive interview with BasketNews, EuroLeague CEO Marshall Glickman shared the league’s future plans and discussed the reasoning behind the ban of Crvena Zvezda and the situation with Facundo Campazzo.


  • The inbox & WhatsApp chat history after controversial events (00:00);
  • Why Glickman didn’t lift the ban for Crvena Zvezda (4:38);
  • Reaction to the famous Doncic quote (10:52);
  • Keeping Wembanyama in the EuroLeague (14:44);
  • Recovering the relationships with the NBA (19:02);
  • Top expansion markets for the EuroLeague (23:15);
  • Inevitable changes in EuroLeague format (25:25);
  • The Final 4 future (29:05);
  • Responding to ‘EuroLeague is killing basketball’ statement (30:38);
  • Misconceptions about the Dubai market (33:39);
  • Problem with EuroLeague games clashing (35:14);
  • Glickman’s vision for EuroLeague players (36:42);
  • The upcoming changes in EuroLeague viewing experience (40:17);
  • How EuroLeague will look in 2026 (44:10).

NBA Future After New Olympiacos Contract & Off-Ball Masterclass (BN Talks with Sasha Vezenkov)

BasketNews’ Donatas Urbonas interviews Olympiacos Pireus forward & EuroLeague star Sasha Vezenkov. Donatas & Sasha discuss his incredible ability to score off-ball, his personal & Olympiacos' growth through the last few years and his future regarding the NBA & Sacramento Kings.


  • When Vezenkov is Aleksandar & when he’s Sasha (00:00);
  • Reaction to 275 points in 26 dribbles (1:16);
  • Top 3 off-ball EuroLeague players (4:17);
  • If not Vezenkov, who’s the EuroLeague MVP (5:00);
  • The moment when Vezenkov thought his time in Olympiacos was over (6:47);
  • Rumors about Panathinaikos interest (10:05);
  • How Olympiacos became the Final 4 team (11:01);
  • Vezenkov’s reaction to Micic’s semifinal game-winner (12:16);
  • Two things Vezenkov took from the career contract (14:24);
  • Does the new contract puts Vezenkov away from the NBA (15:33);
  • Where Vezenkov see Olympiacos until 2025 (17:33).