Dorsey in Panathinaikos & Why Japan Is A Threat To Europe (URBONUS)

Errick McCollum and Arturas Gudaitis join URBONUS’ Donatas Urbonas as they dive into the Japanese league’s advantages over Europe, breakdown Kevin Pangos’ situation in Milan, discuss Tyler Dorsey’s DNP situation in Fenerbahce, and react to the Luka Doncic-Russell Westbrook rivalry.


  • Japanese basketball advantages over Europe (0:00);
  • Underrated EuroLeague center (11:48);
  • Why Gudaitis loved playing with Mike James (14:20);
  • EL teams that Gudaitis & Errick watch the most (16:42);
  • Why Fenerbahce & Efes aren’t clicking yet (18:45);
  • What players think when coaches DNP them (25:55);
  • What surprised McCollum watching Dorsey in Turkey (31:40);
  • Tyler Dorsey to Panathinaikos scenario (36:03);
  • What Gudaitis likes and dislikes about PAO’s rebuild (38:07);
  • Reaction to Petrusev’s move to Olympiacos (47:14);
  • Worst ending for best EuroLeague game this season (54:50);
  • What you would do if you’re Kevin Pangos (1:01:25);
  • Why Gudaitis was disappointed with Messina (1:05:37);
  • Where’s the line of criticizing the players today? (1:09:05);
  • Could Pangos be a good fit in Zalgiris? (1:16:00);
  • Players-only meeting in Milan (1:23:20);
  • Will Messina’s comments affect Milan’s offseason signings? (1:27:15);
  • Is Shabazz Napier the next Mike James? (1:31:00);
  • Top 3 EuroLeague centers by Arturas Gudaitis (1:35:35);
  • Reaction to Gregg Popovich protecting Kawhi (1:45:00);
  • Westbrook mocking Luka Doncic was disrespectful? (1:45:02);
  • How to stop Victor Wembanyama? (1:49:20).

Mirotic-Napier Trade, Messina’s Controversy, Micic’s & Vezenkov’s NBA Concern (URBONUS)

URBONUS’ Donatas Urbonas, Rytis Vysniauskas, and Augustas Suliauskas break down the controversy surrounding Ettore Messina’s interview, analyze the NBA situation of Vasilije Micic and Sasha Vezenkov, and share their reactions following Olympiacos, Efes, and Crvena Zvezda wins.


  • Did Efes turn their season around? (0:00);
  • Interesting Efes moves while exploring NBA market (4:44);
  • Reaction to controversial Messina’s interview (8:37);
  • How Messina’s remarks might impact Milan’s future (16:30);
  • Who’s lying: Ettore Messina or the journalist? (24:52);
  • Why Messina surprised us a lot (30:02);
  • Shabazz Napier for Nikola Mirotic trade (35:40);
  • Shabazz Napier for Kevin Pangos trade (42:50);
  • The best landing destinations for Kevin Pangos (45:21);
  • Proof that the EuroLeague regular season surpasses the NBA (55:45);
  • Resurrection of Sasha Vezenkov in Belgrade (59:05);
  • COVID vibes and classy time-outs by Olympiacos & Zvezda (1:04:00);
  • Kendrick Nunn’s debut reaction (1:07:55);
  • Funny coincidence with Jabari Parker & Kendrick Nunn (1:13:50);
  • European in the NBA vs. the NBA fit in Europe (1:16:40);
  • NBA concern over Micic & Vezenkov (1:19:10).

EuroLeague Overreactions, Dusko’s Effect & Can PAO Bounce Back? (URBONUS)

URBONUS’ Donatas Urbonas, Rytis Vysniauskas, and Augustas Suliauskas take a look back at the first month of the EuroLeague season. They discuss early MVP candidates, rank the new head coaches, share their thoughts on  early overreactions, highlight best rookies, and discuss the major elite players’ absences.


  • Zeljko vs. Messina & guarding Mike James (0:00);
  • Early MVP race candidates (8:07);
  • Pozzecco’s vs. Banchi’s effect (20:23);
  • Should we trust in Sfairopoulos’ effect? (35:27);
  • Funny Raja Bell’s story about Dusko Ivanovic (40:59);
  • Worst Moneke & Wembanyama pronunciations (45:10);
  • Top EuroLeague player that everybody’s missing (47:59);
  • Did Olympiacos’ fans overreact? (56:20);
  • Overreaction about Maccabi & Sarunas Jasikevicius (58:30);
  • Overreaction about Real Madrid (1:05:10);
  • EuroLeague teams to watch recommendations (1:08:10);
  • Why Monaco might be the most exciting team to watch (1:10:20);
  • Why Valencia reminds us of Zalgiris (1:16:00);
  • Why Belinelli could become the most annoying player (1:21:00);
  • What if Shengelia signed with Panathinaikos (1:24:30);
  • Panathinaikos, Efes & Milan bounce back ranking (1:26:00);
  • The most exciting EuroLeague rookie (1:35:30);
  • Our favorite All-EuroLeague October team (1:39:40).

Nunn’s Impact on PAO, Caboclo at Partizan & Best Player in Europe (URBONUS)

URBONUS’ host Donatas Urbonas, co-host Errick McCollum, and guest Kendrick Perry from Unicaja Malaga analyze Kendrick Nunn’s arrival at Panathinaikos, potential changes in the Athens club, Bruno Caboclo’s impact on Partizan, and discuss what’s making Spanish teams excel this year, all while debating whether Mike James holds the title of the best player in Europe.


  • Discovery about Kendrick Perry (0:00);
  • Nunn’s strengths & challenges in Europe (2:01);
  • Perry’s Panathinaikos’ advice to Nunn (5:21);
  • Who should be worried about their future in Panathinaikos? (7:40);
  • Inside Ataman’s practices (13:30);
  • Does Kendrick Nunn make Panathinaikos a playoff lock? (17:40);
  • Should Olympiacos be concerned? (26:20);
  • What did we learn about Partizan & Zvezda from two derby games? (32:44);
  • Errick’s experience with Ioannis Sfairopoulos (36:10);
  • How good derby game performance can change everything (39:25);
  • Bruno Caboclo in Partizan & one more signing (43:17);
  • We’re stunned by Aleksa Avramovic (48:42);
  • What makes Barca, Real & Valencia so great (49:39);
  • Dusko on a lifetime contract with Baskonia (56:31);
  • New coach’s names that EuroLeague teams should consider (1:00:20);
  • Is Mike James currently the best player in Europe? (1:05:30);
  • The most improved EuroLeague player (1:14:20);
  • New EuroLeague guards that Perry & McCollum love to watch (1:22:00);
  • BCL Final Four predictions (1:25:10).

Why Dusko Was Fired, Controversial Calls in Greece & Micic’s Trade (URBONUS podcast)

URBONUS’ Donatas Urbonas, Rytis Vysniauskas, Augustas Suliauskas dive deep into the discussion of Dusko Ivanovic’s unexpected dismissal, controversial calls surrounding the Olympiacos vs. Partizan and Maccabi vs. Panathinaikos games, and NBA predictions for Vasilije Micic, Sasha Vezenkov, and Victor Wembanyama.

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  • Meeting Luca Banchi in the NBA Store (0:00);
  • For or against Dusko Ivanovic’s firing (6:23);
  • How Ioannis Sfairopoulos is going to change Red Star (18:30);
  • Another anticipated EuroLeague coaching change (25:22);
  • Top 3 EuroLeague teams that change coaches most frequently (31:13);
  • Did officiating ruin the Partizan vs. Olympiacos game? (34:32);
  • Did the referees miss a crucial call in Panathinaikos vs. Maccabi game? (41:17);
  • Ergin Ataman’s ejection (46:42);
  • Smailagic on the rise and Mitoglou’s return (49:08);
  • Maccabi’s situation and (54:00);
  • Is Wade Baldwin the best EuroLeague guard? (58:00);
  • Least liked EuroLeague coaches and most overrated players (1:02:48);
  • What to do with ASVEL or ALBA? (1:15:09);
  • Is Vasilije Micic going to be traded? (1:25:02);
  • Is Sasha Vezenkov going to get minutes in the playoffs? (1:27:44);
  • Is Victor Wembanyama going to make the All-Star game? (1:29:37);
  • NBA players to sign in Europe (1:31:37);
  • Big reason to join BN+ community (1:32:46).