Ibon Navarro / Head Coach

Šalis: Spain
Gimė: 1976-04-30
Unicaja Malaga
Unicaja Malaga
"Things have to be put into context. When I received my first dismissal as a coach a little over a year ago, it was hard to imagine that I would be here tonight. Life changes a lot. And it's not a cliché, it's a reality."
If Germani Brescia shocked everyone in Turin, what Unicaja Malaga did in Badalona was a fairytale.  The Andalusian club made history, becoming the first team to beat FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in the same Copa del Rey since 1953. They were also the first to defeat two powerhouses in the same tournament since the ACB era began (1983).
Unicaja Malaga head coach Ibon Navarro after lifting the Copa del Rey trophy assured that Lenovo Tenerife put his team in more trouble than FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in the quarterfinals and semis, respectively.

2014-2015: Vitorijos Baskonia
2015-2016: Manresos BAXI
2016-2017: Manresos BAXI
2017-2018: Mursijos UCAM
2018-2019: Andoros MoraBanc
2019-2020: Andoros MoraBanc
2020-2021: Andoros MoraBanc
2022-2023: Malagos Unicaja