Michael Malone / Head Coach

Šalis: United States of America
Gimė: 1971-09-15
Denver Nuggets
Denver Nuggets
His back-to-back MVP awards in 2021 and 2022, along with leading the Denver Nuggets to their first-ever NBA Finals, have firmly established Nikola Jokic as an exceptional player. Yet, it's not just Jokic's on-court achievements that impress his coach, Michael Malone. It's his personal character and down-to-earth nature off the court that truly leave Malone in awe.
The Denver Nuggets swept the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Final, earning a spot in the NBA Finals. After the contest, the winning team's coach wanted to directly address the journalists in the post-game press conference.
After the Denver Nuggets secured a 119-108 victory against the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, head coach Michael Malone revealed that star center Nikola Jokic took charge of calling plays during the crucial moments of the game.

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