Pedro Martinez / Head Coach

Šalis: Spain
Gimė: 1961-06-29
BAXI Manresa
BAXI Manresa

Valencia Basket sports director Chechu Mulero gave his first interview since the Spanish team was included in the 2022-23 EuroLeague lineup.

"We are not done yet." Chima Moneke said it clear after the BAXI Manresa's success in the Basketball Champions League. The Catalan team needed a victory to qualify for the quarterfinals, and they did it. BAXI Manresa defeated Tofas Bursa 85-70, finishing the Top 16 in the 1st seed. Despite shooting 14% from beyond the arc, Manresa was highly better than the Turkish team. Yankuba Sima recorded a ...

2015-2016: Valensijos Basket (Ispanija)
2016-2017: Valensijos Basket (Ispanija)
2017-2018: Vitorijos Baskonia (Ispanija)
2018-2019: Vitorijos Baskonia (Ispanija), lapkričio viduryje paliko komandą, kovą persikėlė į Las Palmo Herbalife Gran Canaria (Ispanija)
2019-2020: Manresos BAXI (Ispanija)