Andrea Trinchieri

Miestas: Milan
Šalis: Italy
Gimė: 1968-08-06
Last Saturday night, Andrea Trinchieri's era in Bayern Munich officially came to an end. For the first time during his time in Munich, Bayern won't play in the finals of the German league after being eliminated by Ratiopharm Ulm in the semifinals.
Andrea Trinchieri's three-year tenure at FC Bayern Munich is officially over. The Bavarian club has officially announced that it's parting ways with the Italian coach. Bayern were eliminated from German League (BBL) title contention after losing the semifinal series 0-3 to ratiopharm Ulm.
Head coach Andrea Trinchieri officially confirmed his departure from FC Bayern Munich following the team's elimination from the German Basketball League (BBL) playoffs against Ratiopharm Ulm on Friday night. 

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