Ergin Ataman / Head Coach

Miestas: Istanbul
Šalis: Turkey
Gimė: 1966-01-07
Anadolu Efes Istanbul
Anadolu Efes Istanbul
Anadolu Efes Istanbul put on an offensive clinic in Game 1 of the Turkish League quarterfinal series against Darussafaka Lassa, scoring 100 points and securing a 10-point win with a final score of 104-94.
With the EuroLeague 2022-23 season coming to an end, the preparation for the upcoming campaign already began, and Panathinaikos Athens are no exception, making a change in one of the most important positions - head coach. During the opening press conference for the 2021 Pavlos Giannakopoulos tournament held at the OAKA indoor hall, Dimitris Giannakopoulos took several photos with Ergin Ataman.
Following the elimination of Anadolu Efes in the regular season and Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul in the playoffs, Sertac Sanli will be Turkish basketball's only representative in the upcoming Final Four. The 31-year-old big man who plays for FC Barcelona is heading to his fourth Final Four and second with the Spanish powerhouse. Sanli won the title with Efes in 2021, before moving to Catalunya. 

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1989-1996: Stambulo Efes Pilsen (Turkija) jaunimo komandų treneris
1991-1996: Stambulo Efes Pilsen (Turkija) trenerio asistentas
1996-1998: Ankaros Telekom (Turkija) vyr. treneris
1998-1999: Stanford (NCAA) komandos vienas trenerių
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1999-2001: nuo 1999-ųjų spalio iki 2001-ųjų vasario buvo Stambulo Efes Pilsen (Turkija) vyr. treneris. Atleistas dėl prastų rezultatų
2001-2003: Sienos Montepaschi (Italija) vyr. treneris
2003-2006: nuo 2003-ųjų gruodžio dirbo Stambulo Ulker (Turkija) vyr. treneriu
2006-2007: nuo 2006-ųjų lapkričio tapo Bolonijos Climamio (Italija) vyr. treneriu
2008-2010: Stambulo Efes Pilsen (turkija)
2013-2017: Stambulo Galatasaray (Turkija)
2017-: Stambulo Anadolu Efes (Turkija)