Kazys Maksvytis / Head Coach

Miestas: Kretinga
Šalis: Lithuania
Gimė: 1977-06-15
Zalgiris Kaunas
Zalgiris Kaunas
Zalgiris Kaunas have just unveiled their latest addition to the team -- a five-season NBA veteran Edmond Sumner. Coach Kazys Maksvytis believes he will be able to elevate the team's offensive tempo amid Zalgiris' recent struggles.
A couple of months before the World Cup, FIBA ranked them 15th. Even within their own country, there weren't high expectations until the final rosters were confirmed. In a World Cup where four teams hadn't lost any of their four games, not many thought they would be one of them, especially alongside groups like the USA, Slovenia, and Germany.
Zalgiris Kaunas head coach Kazys Maksvytis praised Olympiacos Piraeus, arguing the Greek powerhouse is an example every EuroLeague team should follow. Maksvytis paid a visit to a Zalgiris on Air podcast, where he talked about his team's continuity in retaining most of the squad from the 2022-23 season.

2011-2012: Vilniaus Sakalų (LKL) vyr. treneris
2012-2013: Klaipėdos Neptūno (LKL) vyr. treneris
2013-2014: Klaipėdos Neptūno (LKL) vyr. treneris
2014-2015: Klaipėdos Neptūno (LKL) vyr. treneris
2015-2016: nuo gruodžio – Panevėžio Lietkabelio (LKL) vyr. treneris
2016-2017: Panevėžio Lietkabelio (LKL) vyr. treneris
2017-2018: Klaipėdos Neptūno (LKL) vyr. treneris 
2018-2019: Klaipėdos Neptūno (LKL) vyr. treneris
2019-2020: Permės Parma (Rusija) vyr. treneris
2020-2021: Permės Parma (Rusija) vyr. treneris
2021-2022: Permės Parma (Rusija) vyr. treneris, vasario pabaigoje paliko komandą, balandžio viduryje prisijungė tapo Kauno Žalgirio (LKL) vyr. treneriu

FIBA U-16 Europos čempionas (2008 m.)
FIBA U-18 Europos čempionas (2010 m.)
FIBA U-19 Pasaulio čempionas (2011 m.)
FIBA U-20 Europos čempionas (2012 m.)
LKL bronzos medalio laimėtojas (2013 m.)
LKL sidabro medalio laimėtojas (2014 m., 2017 m.)