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Goran Dragic came back to the Slovenian national team after almost a 5-year break to say goodbye to all fans. But the latest FIBA window might not be the last one for him in his international basketball career.

The 36-year-old guard helped Luka Doncic lead the Slovenian NT in the two victorious efforts against Croatia and Sweden. The new Chicago Bulls addition registered 19 and 20 points, respectively.

Following such performances and a great team atmosphere, Dragic admitted he is tempted to participate in the upcoming EuroBasket 2022.

"When a Swedish journalist asked me after the game if I will play in the World Cup next year, I just laughed," Dragic told the Slovenian press agency (STA). "At 36 years old, I really don't think one year ahead. I want to play basketball for two, three more years, so I have to take care of my body."

"As for the August window, I don't think it will work because I have some personal matters in Miami at that time, but I admit that I am tempted to perform at the EuroBasket."

As stated by the guard, these two matches with Slovenian jersey brought bright memories back from EuroBasket 2017, where Dragic and the company won the gold medals.

Moreover, Dragic was given the MVP award of the tournament after averaging 22.6 points per game over 9 duels.

"In the last fourteen days, since I've been back on the national team, the feelings from the 2017 European Championship have returned to me. We're a really good group. The guys are great. We're having a great time, we're playing for each other, and we're all enjoying ourselves a lot.

It's really nice to be part of this team, to be honest. I'm tempted to join them at the EuroBasket. On the other hand, I'm still a little undecided. I don't even know if I'd go or not. I wouldn't like to say anything definitive for now," the veteran told STA.

The latter words were reiterated by him in the team locker room as well. After a narrow victory over Sweden, Dragic gave an emotional speech.

"Guys, I really missed that for the last 5 years, I swear. Thank you once again for everything. I really don't know what's going to happen," Dragic said.

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