Igor Kokoskov / Trenerio asistentas

Miestas: Belgradas
Šalis: Serbija
Gimė: 1971-12-17
Brooklyn Nets
Brooklyn Nets
The Atlanta Hawks will have bigger ambitions in the next season than the one in which they were eliminated in the playoffs. Coach Quin Snyder has always been at the top of the Western Conference with Utah and surely wants the same with the Georgia team in the East.
The Atlanta Hawks finished the 2022-23 season in the first round of the playoffs after going down to the Boston Celtics 4-2 in the series. Some big changes lie ahead for the franchise, and it will all start with a new coaching staff around coach Quinn Snyder who took over the team from Nate McMillan.
After parting ways with Steve Nash, Jacque Vaughn became the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. Ahead of his first full season in the position, the specialist has decided to issue a change in his coaching staff. According to Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN, the organization has decided to part ways with assistant coaches Igor Kokoskov, Brian Keefe, and Tiago Splitter.

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2008-2015: Gruzijos rinktinės vyr. treneris
2016-2017: Slovėnijos rinktinės vyr. treneris
2019-dabar: Serbijos rinktinės vyr. treneris

1992-1994: Belgrado Beograd OKK (Serbija) jaunimo komanda
1994-1995: Belgrado Beograd OKK (Serbija) trenerio asistentas
1995-1996: Belgrado Beograd OKK (Serbija)
1996-1997: Belgrado Partizan (Serbija) jaunimo komanda
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2018-2019: Phoenix Suns
2020-2021: Stambulo Fenerbahče (Turkija)