Gordon Herbert

Šalis: Finland
Gimė: 1959-02-16
In an interview with the German Basketball Federation, national team head coach Gordon Herbert opened up on about the discussions he has had with several players and the preparations for the 2023 FIBA World Cup. As the draw for the event will take place soon (29 April), Herbert has only one wish. Due to the logistics and travel situation, he'd like his team to play in the Philippines.
After a huge win against Greece in EuroBasket 2022 quarterfinal, German national team head coach Gordon Herbert was in good spirits. During the press conference, the 63-year-old was asked if he would celebrate the victory with a glass of wine as he promised earlier. Herbert played along and cracked a joke, making the whole room laugh. 
Gordon Herbert will lead the German national team in the EuroBasket 2022, which will partly be held in Cologne and Berlin. According to the German Basketball Association, the Canadian specialist agreed to a two-year term. "We had excellent discussions, during which Gordon Herbert made a very good and highly motivated impression. His vast experience and very good knowledge of German and ...

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