Georgios Bartzokas / Head Coach

Šalis: Greece
Gimė: 1965-06-11
Olympiacos Piraeus
Olympiacos Piraeus
Olympiacos Piraeus will face Partizan Mozzart Bet Belgrade without its head coach Georgios Bartzokas. Olympiacos announced that the 57-year-old tactician still has the flu and will remain in Greece. Assistant coach Christos Pappas will replace Bartzokas for the second game in a row after taking charge against Lavrio.
Olympiacos Piraeus will play against Lavrio Megabolt in the Greek League (ESAKE) today but they will have to do it without their coach. As reported by multiple Greek outlets, head coach Georgios Bartzokas will miss the match due to a virus.
28.9 seconds left on the clock, as EuroLeague leaders Olympiacos Piraeus (21-8) having a fierce battle away from home against Zalgiris Kaunas. At this point, Sasha Vezenkov has only two points in the fourth quarter after missing a 3-pointer and sinking his 8th straight 2-pointer.

2012-2013: Pirėjo Olympiakos (Graikija) vyr. treneris
2013-2014: Pirėjo Olympiakos (Graikija) vyr. treneris
2015-2016: Krasnodaro Lokomotiv (Rusija) vyr. treneris
2016-2017: Barselonos Barcelona (Ispanija) vyr. treneris
2017-2019: Maskvos srities Chimki (Rusija) vyr. treneris
2020-: Pirėjo Olympiakos (Graikija) vyr. treneris