Xavier Pascual

Šalis: Spain
Gimė: 1972-09-09
2022-05-10 With Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul having a disappointing season in the EuroLeague, the club is out searching for its new head coach. According to the latest information, one ...
2022-04-14 The EuroLeague season hit a crucial checkpoint. The eight remaining teams will continue their campaign in the payoffs, while the other 10 have time to reconsider their ...
2022-03-25 Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv are making a push for Zenit St Petersburg's head coach Xavi Pascual and eyeing players duo of Mateusz Ponitka and Alex Poythress, according to ...
2000-2001: CB Odesa (Ispanija)
2001-2002: CB Aracena (Ispanija)
2002-2003: CB Aracena (Ispanija)
2003-2004: CB Aracena (Ispanija)
2007-2008: Barselonos Barcelona (Ispanija)
2008-2009: Barselonos Barcelona (Ispanija)
2009-2010: Barselonos Barcelona (Ispanija)
2010-2011: Barselonos Barcelona (Ispanija)
2011-2012: Barselonos Barcelona (Ispanija)
2012-2013: Barselonos Barcelona (Ispanija)
2013-2014: Barselonos Barcelona (Ispanija)