Credit: Argentina Basketball
Credit Argentina Basketball

The coach who led Argentina national team for 12 years is stepping down. Sergio Hernandez coached Argentina on two separate occasions (2005-2010 and 2015-2021), leading the team to Olympic medal and winning 84 games (out of 116).

“I walk away happy and calm. A stage has been completed and I feel that another coach must start a new one,” said Hernandez. 

Under Hernandez's guidance, Argentina won the bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the silver medal in the 2019 World Cup, and the gold medal in the 2019 Pan American Games.

“Sergio's departure is a see you later and not a final goodbye," said Fabian Borro, president of the Argentina Basketball Confederation. “We will always be grateful to him for his enormous work. Now a new challenge opens up for him and for us, seeking to keep Argentine basketball in the world elite.”

Argentina finished 7th in Tokyo Olympics. After a loss in the quarterfinals to Australia, Argentina's legend Luis Scola retired from the national team.

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