Aito Garcia Reneses / Head Coach

Šalis: Spain
Gimė: 1946-12-20
Girona Basquet
Girona Basquet
Spanish coaching legend Aito Garcia Reneses took over Girona Basquet after it reached the top division of the Spanish basketball pyramid - Liga Endesa (ACB). Now the coach's tenure is over. The club has officially announced that it's parted ways with the veteran specialist.
Aito Garcia Reneses is one of the most well-known basketball coaches in Europe. He's now coached the most games in the Spanish Liga Endesa (ACB). Throughout his coaching career, Reneses has seen all kinds of players and all kinds of basketball. He was the one who brought Ricky Rubio to stardom while leading Joventut Badalona.
Marc Gasol returned to Palau Blaugrana for the first time in 14 years yesterday. His Girona Basquet were fighting the entire game but ultimately fell to FC Barcelona. Girona's head coach Aito Garcia Reneses is not a stranger to the well-known arena as well. As a player, it was his last stop before becoming a coach. As a coach, he led the team for more than 10 years in the late 1980s and 1990s.

2008 metų Pekino olimpinių žaidynių sidabro medalio laimėtojas
Europos taurės čempionas (2008 m.)
9 kartus (1987-1990, 1995-1997, 1999, 2001 m.) Ispanijos čempionato laimėtojas
Saportos taurės laimėtojas (1986 m.)
Koračo taurės laimėtojas (1987, 1999 m.)

1973-1976: Badalonos Circulo Catalico (Ispanija) vyr. treneris
1976-1985: Badalonos Joventut (Ispanija) vyr. treneris
1985-1990: Barcelona (Ispanija) vyr. treneris
1992-1997: Barcelona (Ispanija) vyr. treneris
1998-2001: Barcelona (Ispanija) vyr. treneris
2003-2008: Badalonos Joventut (Ispanija) vyr. treneris
2008-2011: Malagos Unicaja (Ispanija) vyr. treneris
2012-2014: Sevilijos Sevilla (Ispanija) vyr. treneris
2014-2016: Las Palmo Gran Canaria (Ispanija) vyr. treneris
2017-2018: Berlyno ALBA (Vokietija) vyr. treneris
2018-2019: Berlyno ALBA (Vokietija) vyr. treneris
2019-2020: Berlyno ALBA (Vokietija) vyr. treneris
2020-2021: Berlyno ALBA (Vokietija) vyr. treneris
2022-2023: Žironos Basquet (Ispanija) vyr. treneris