Mike Brown

Miestas: Columbus
Šalis: United States of America
Gimė: 1970-03-05
Olympiacos Piraeus forward Sasha Vezenkov played a crucial Game 5 against Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul in the Peace and Friendship Stadium. Sacramento Kings head coach Mike Brown came to the game to see the potential addition to his team live. In the middle of the match, the specialist talked with the Greek media during halftime.
While Game 3 against Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul was already underway in Istanbul, Olympiacos Piraeus and especially Sasha Vezenkov were being discussed for completely different reasons in the United States. Sacramento Kings GM Monty McNair gave a press conference to mark the Bulgarian forward as the NBA's top player for 2023 and one of the questions he received was about the 28-year-old.
After leading the team to the first NBA playoffs in 16 years, the Sacramento Kings head coach Mike Brown has received official recognition. The 53-year-old specialist has been named NBA Coach of the Year. Under Brown, the Kings dominated the game offensively, averaging a whopping 118.6 points per 100 possessions, the best result since play-by-play was first tracked in the 1996-1997 season.

2003 metais su San Antonio Spurs tapo NBA čempionu

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