Frank Vogel / Head Coach

Šalis: United States of America
Gimė: 1973-06-21
Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers
2022-04-11 The Los Angeles Lakers have parted ways with head coach Frank Vogel, according to the official club's report. The move was expected since the Lakers' bid to reach the ...
2022-04-11 The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to fire head coach Frank Vogel. Among the franchise's top targets for the position is Toronto Raptors bench boss, Nick Nurse, ...
2022-04-11 The Los Angeles Lakers season ended on a high note as the team beat the Denver Nuggets 146-141 in overtime. They had their first two-game winning streak since January ...

2001–2004 : Boston Celtics (NBA) trenerio asistentas
2004–2005 : Philadelphia 76ers (NBA) trenerio asistentas
2007–2011: Indiana Pacers (NBA) trenerio asistentas
2011–2012: Indiana Pacers (NBA) vyr. treneris
2012–2013: Indiana Pacers (NBA) vyr. treneris
2013–2014: Indiana Pacers (NBA) vyr. treneris
2014–2015: Indiana Pacers (NBA) vyr. treneris
2021-2022: Los Angeles Lakers (NBA) vyr. treneris