BasketNews expert Augustas Suliauskas analyzes Kevin Pangos and Olimpia Milan's problems in the offense, trying to find the reasons for the Italian team's poor start of the season. 

Credit: Emanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images
Credit Emanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images

You can be the most physical, the most energetic team there is. But if you can't put the ball into the basket, you'll have a hard time winning any EuroLeague games.

Kevin Pangos

Kevin  Pangos
Team: EA7 Emporio Armani Milan
Position: PG
Age: 29
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 82 kg
Birth place: Canada

Olimpia Milano has been the prime example - they have the 2nd-best defensive rating after 7 games but are yet to win at Mediolanum Forum in 3 tries. They weren't that great offensively last year, too – 15th in the league with a 107.4 offensive rating  – but this season, it can be labeled as tragic.

Barely surpassing the 100 points scored in 100 possessions mark (101.2), Ettore Messina's team has been painful to watch.

On Wednesday night, they scored 59 points at home against the arch-rivals Virtus Bologna, including only 6 in the 3rd quarter. And it's not the only blackout they've had so far. Against Barcelona, they had an 8-point 2nd quarter, while versus Real Madrid, they collected 11 in the 3rd.

What's going on in Milan? Why can't such a highly talented team with the likes of Kevin Pangos, Devon Hall, Brandon Davies, Nicollo Melli, and others can't put the ball into the basket?

Is it Messina's fault? Let's look at the footage and try to understand the roots of this problem.

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Kevin Pangos

Kevin  Pangos
Kevin  Pangos
MIN: 27.9
PTS: 10.86 (41.25%)
REB: 2
As: 4
ST: 0.57
BL: 0
TO: 2.29
GM: 7