Lessort’s Madness, Mike James’ Future & KD in ALBA | URBONUS Q&A Trailer

Join BasketNews’ Donatas Urbonas, Augustas Suliauskas, and Rytis Vysniauskas as they sit down to answer questions from BN+ members and also discuss Mike James suspension, Mathias Lessort & Filip Petrusev's incident, EuroLeague Playoff matchups they wish to see, and Dubai & London teams in EuroLeague. The entire episode is available only for BN+ community members. Watch the whole episode by joining BN+ here: https://basketnews.com/plus BN+ Topics: - Why you must join BN+ WhatsApp group; - Our reaction to Mike James’ suspension; - Why James was actually suspended; - Our reaction to Lessort’s attack on Petrusev; - Rytis’ story from the police station; - Breaking news during the podcast; - A EuroLeague team that would win 31 of 34 EuroLeague games; - Would Durant make ALBA a Final Four team; - Playoff matchups we wish to see; - Panathinaikos after the NBA coach again; - The most remarkable press conference; - NBA loaning players to EuroLeague clubs; - Team USA from EuroLeague players; - Money vs. youth development in the EuroLeague; - Why Rytis is skeptical of Dubai and London; - The tricky part with Valencia’s future in the EuroLeague; - Best EuroLeague dunkers and 3-point, mid-range, fadeaway shooters. Join our BN+ community for more unique content: https://basketnews.com/plus Don't forget to follow us on social media: Twitter: https://twitter.com/basketnews_com/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/basketnews/ BasketNews e-shop: https://basketne.ws/shop #EuroLeague #NBA #Basketball


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