Player agent: '€10M contract in the EuroLeague is doable'

In another episode of Hoops Journeymen, BasketNews colleagues Mindaugas Gobikas and Manny Alvarez discuss player agents in North America and Europe. Tadas Bulotas, Wasserman's Vice President of International Basketball, joins the show to talk about the inside stuff of the business.

  • Intro (00:00);
  • Manny's mustache situation (02:12);
  • The topic of the day: Sports Agents (03:45);
  • Early origins of player agents in the US (5:37);
  • It could be a well-paid job, but it's also very risky (11:46);
  • Who should be paying an agent? Club or the player? (16:55);
  • Tadas Bulotas, Vice President of International Basketball, Wasserman joined the show (23:11);
  • The biggest EuroLeague and NBA stars Tadas represents (26:17);
  • Tadas started his agent career while still in college (31:36);
  • The toughest situation Tadas had to deal with involved alleged player match-fixing (35:26);
  • Will we ever have NBA in Europe? (48:59);
  • Looking young doesn't help in agent business (1:03:15);
  • Is a 5-year/€10 million contract doable in the EuroLeague? (1:06:08).


Is vehicle a symbol of status among pro ballers?

In the inaugural episode of Hoops Journeymen, BasketNews Editor-in-Chief Mindaugas Gobikas & the former JBA  play-by-play announcer Manny Alvarez sat down to discuss the differences between the cultural understanding of basketball players and their cars in the US and Europe.


  • Intro (00:00);
  • What Hoops Journeymen are all about (1:15);
  • Topic of the day: cars of the NBA players vs European players cars (3:50);
  • Glen Robinson had the dopest wheels back in 2001 (6:10);
  • Kobe's chauffeur & teammates giving you a hard time for driving a shitty car(9:12);
  • American description of Skoda: KIA and VW had a child (12:00);
  • Are American athletes into car racing? (15:25);
  • Players in Europe have considered other things first before buying a car (18:25);
  • What will recent New York Knicks draft pick Rokas Jokubaitis buy for his first car in the States (25:00);
  • Players playing too long just because they need money (30:49);
  • Charles O'Bannon is the guest of the episode (32:11);
  • The first car of a newly drafted Detroit Piston (35:46);
  • It was all about image back in the late 90s in the NBA (38:14);
  • Do you know what suicide doors are? (46:01);
  • Curious details of cars abroad (51:35)
  • Tall ballplayers on trains in Japan (57:35);
  • Where do college athletes get their cars? (1:00:10);
  • How do professional athletes get along with the police? (1:04:15);
  • A quick tour through the LA neighborhood (1:06:01).