Efes vs Barca Masterclass Ruined by the Refs? Plus Solutions for EuroLeague Teams

BasketNews’ Donatas Urbonas & Rytis Vysniauskas returns to discuss the best game of the EuroLeague season, poor officiating night, and suggests some adjustments for struggling teams to improve their situation.


  • Advanced stats behind Donatas newborn (00:00);
  • Exclusive Ataman reaction on referees (5:10);
  • Unfair Ataman’s ejection and terrible calls (6:40);
  • This is why Saras signed Sanli (17:03);
  • Fantastic Saras' adjustment that changed the game (19:22);
  • Impressive individual performances & Efes missing piece (23:25);
  • The reaction we don’t want from Ataman (29:56);
  • The reasons behind Milan’s losing streak (33:15);
  • Problems in Monaco & roster change we don’t wish to (41:33);
  • Why Djordjevic shouldn't be booed or fired (55:37);
  • Interesting name for Fenerbahce (1:02:05);
  • Deck and Barcelona rumors (1:05:35);
  • A dream scenario for Baskonia (1:13:45);
  • Why we’re not concerned about ASVEL losing streak (1:20:00);
  • Tips for UNICS, Olympiacos, and Maccabi (1:22:56).

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