Sergio Scariolo on improving NBA bridge, key in post-Gasol era & clear goal with Virtus

Sergio Scariolo talks to BasketNews’ Donatas Urbonas about building a connection with Spain NT stars, Spain basketball future in the post-Gasol era, the missing piece in the bridge between NBA and Europe, and his expectations from a new chapter with Virtus.


  • Intro, the reasons behind the discipline of Scariolo (00:00);
  • The first speech at Spanish NT locker room (5:22);
  • The turning point, when Scariolo went for his first title with Spain NT (8:29);
  • Why it’s necessary to keep Pau Gasol in basketball (14:40);
  • Ricky Rubio future with Spain NT (17:12);
  • What’s wrong with the bridge between the NBA and European coaches (21:48);
  • The NBA qualities which Scariolo will try to bring to Virtus (26:13);
  • If Scariolo would win the Serie A at the age of 30 nowadays (30:00);
  • Why you shouldn’t create a rivalry between Scariolo and Messina (33:58);
  • What Scariolo wants from his new chapter with Virtus (37:21).


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