Do pro athletes play Fantasy Sports & Stern's long pause when Sabonis was drafted

Hoops Journeymen are back with another episode and this time BasketNews colleagues Mindaugas Gobikas and Manny Alvarez talk about Fantasy Sports. Distinguished academician and a proven sports marketing practitioner, Professor Bill Sutton joins the podcast to share his insights and to answer the chicken-or-egg type of question: do you need to be a sports fan in order to play Fantasy Sports?


Intro (0:00);

  • Does Manny play Fantasy Sports? (3:57);
  • Playing Fantasy Sports gives you chance to brag (9:07);
  • Matthew Berry traded his movie making career for Fantasy Sports (13:52);
  • Mindaugas' sport management students didn't like Fantasy Baseball (20:25);
  • Do real-life players play Fantasy Sports? (30:31);
  • Americans who play in Europe, they would draft themselves No. 1 all the time (36:22);
  • Will Manny play BasketNews Fantasy EuroLeague? (46:49);
  • Professor Bill Sutton joins the podcast (50:34);
  • Bill's suggestion on the best grilled Reuben in NYC (53:23);
  • Social interaction and competition are the keys behind playing Fantasy Sports (55:15);
  • You don't need to be a hardcore fan of sport in order to play Fantasy Sports (1:00:14);
  • In the NBA Fantasy Sports are not part of BRI, so players do not benefit from that (1:08:31);
  • Passion of the European fans is legendary (1:12:18);
  • What was behind David Stern's long pause when he announced the selection of Arvydas Sabonis in the Draft? (1:25:55);
  • David Stern was like a proud father witnessing a birth of his child during NBA game in China (1:26:49);
  • Does Bill Sutton like new Clevelend Guardians logo? (1:29:32).

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