Vasilije Micic on why he turned down the CSKA and NBA offers for Efes

Vasilije Micic joins BasketNews’ Donatas Urbonas to chat about turning down the CSKA offer and the NBA opportunity, how he makes the most important decisions of his life, and the special qualities of this championship team.


  • Intro & the party with Nikola Jokic that didn’t happen (00:00);
  • From Mega to NBA MVP, how Nikola Jokic never changed (2:17);
  • The main thing behind Vasilije Micic free agency decision (9:00);
  • Very early unexpected offer from CSKA Moscow and why it was bad timing for the NBA (14:33);
  • The NBA comparison for Vasilije Micic and fundamental reason why he stayed in Efes (21:53);
  • What is a good NBA situation for Vasilije Micic and Luka Doncic example (27:00);
  • If Micic agrees with Ataman that Efes would make the NBA playoffs (32:31);
  • Why Micic stopped following basketball that much (34:40);
  • Big desire outside playing and future head coaching possibility for Micic (37:10);
  • Why Micic didn’t believe Efes will keep the core after the championship season and special relationship with Shane Larkin (39:50);
  • Crucial Efes team meeting after blowout loss to CSKA and how to keep championship team hungry for another title (45:57);
  • What’s the No. 1 EuroLeague draft pick for Vasilije Micic (53:56).

We apologize for the sound in this episode, as we ran into some technical issues with Donatas' microphone during the recording & had Vasilije's microphone too close to his beard.

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