Ergin Ataman: How son and Spurs changed his mentality & would Efes make the NBA playoffs?

Ergin Ataman talks to BasketNews’ Donatas Urbonas about the vital thing of building championship Anadolu Efes roster, why it could make the NBA playoffs, his son making the impact on his basketball philosophy, and the biggest EuroLeague title challengers.


  • Intro about two-time EuroLeague champion status and life as the EuroLeague champion (00:00);
  • The biggest EuroLeague title challengers for the upcoming season (5:40);
  • The key thing in building Anadolu Efes championship roster and significant budget change from 2018 (8:34);
  • The speech after the final Efes game which could have impacted Micic decision to stay (13:38);
  • How Ataman keeps Anadolu Efes players hungry (17:53);
  • How the Spurs and Ataman’s son changed Ataman’s philosophy (21:20);
  • What’s behind Ataman’s confidence and brave predictions (29:37);
  • Who would be Ataman’s first pick in the EuroLeague draft (33:21);
  • Ataman in the NBA and why would Efes make the NBA playoffs (34:50);
  • Unfinished business with the Turkish National Team and what Ataman’s son thinks of the upcoming EuroLeague season (39:29).

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