Errick McCollum on CJ McCollum joining him in Europe & lessons of his unexpected journey

Errick McCollum talks to BasketNews’ Donatas Urbonas about his unexpected journey in basketball, him and CJ McCollum playing for the same EuroLeague team, learning from the best in Europe, and setting an example for his brother and future generations.


  • Intro (00:00);
  • CJ McCollum’s favorite EuroLeague team & McCollum brothers reunion scenario in Europe (01:00);
  • Why it’s personal every time Errick comes to Israel (6:54);
  • When 'maybe basketball was over' for Errick McCollum (11:37);
  • Unforgettable dad’s call & setting an example for CJ McCollum (15:00);
  • The next day after the 82-point game & the NBA offer he refused (20:34);
  • Explaining the crucial market decision (28:24);
  • Handling crazy European basketball fans & basketball lesson of Vassilis Spanoulis (34:52);
  • What makes Ergin Ataman a unique coach (34:52);
  • Goals in Lokomotiv, main EuroCup rivals, and his post-career plan (44:14).

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