Player agent: '€10M contract in the EuroLeague is doable'

In another episode of Hoops Journeymen, BasketNews colleagues Mindaugas Gobikas and Manny Alvarez discuss player agents in North America and Europe. Tadas Bulotas, Wasserman's Vice President of International Basketball, joins the show to talk about the inside stuff of the business.

  • Intro (00:00);
  • Manny's mustache situation (02:12);
  • The topic of the day: Sports Agents (03:45);
  • Early origins of player agents in the US (5:37);
  • It could be a well-paid job, but it's also very risky (11:46);
  • Who should be paying an agent? Club or the player? (16:55);
  • Tadas Bulotas, Vice President of International Basketball, Wasserman joined the show (23:11);
  • The biggest EuroLeague and NBA stars Tadas represents (26:17);
  • Tadas started his agent career while still in college (31:36);
  • The toughest situation Tadas had to deal with involved alleged player match-fixing (35:26);
  • Will we ever have NBA in Europe? (48:59);
  • Looking young doesn't help in agent business (1:03:15);
  • Is a 5-year/€10 million contract doable in the EuroLeague? (1:06:08).

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