Is vehicle a symbol of status among pro ballers?

In the inaugural episode of Hoops Journeymen, BasketNews Editor-in-Chief Mindaugas Gobikas & the former JBA  play-by-play announcer Manny Alvarez sat down to discuss the differences between the cultural understanding of basketball players and their cars in the US and Europe.


  • Intro (00:00);
  • What Hoops Journeymen are all about (1:15);
  • Topic of the day: cars of the NBA players vs European players cars (3:50);
  • Glen Robinson had the dopest wheels back in 2001 (6:10);
  • Kobe's chauffeur & teammates giving you a hard time for driving a shitty car(9:12);
  • American description of Skoda: KIA and VW had a child (12:00);
  • Are American athletes into car racing? (15:25);
  • Players in Europe have considered other things first before buying a car (18:25);
  • What will recent New York Knicks draft pick Rokas Jokubaitis buy for his first car in the States (25:00);
  • Players playing too long just because they need money (30:49);
  • Charles O'Bannon is the guest of the episode (32:11);
  • The first car of a newly drafted Detroit Piston (35:46);
  • It was all about image back in the late 90s in the NBA (38:14);
  • Do you know what suicide doors are? (46:01);
  • Curious details of cars abroad (51:35)
  • Tall ballplayers on trains in Japan (57:35);
  • Where do college athletes get their cars? (1:00:10);
  • How do professional athletes get along with the police? (1:04:15);
  • A quick tour through the LA neighborhood (1:06:01).

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