Gianmarco Pozzecco

Šalis: Italy
Gimė: 1972-11-15
Italy national team head coach Gianmarco Pozzecco once again proved how emotional he could be. After the defeat against Latvia in the Classification Games, Pozzecco argued why making the quarterfinal in the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 is a great achievement for his country.
After Italy's defeat to the USA in the FIBA World Cup quarterfinals 63-100, Gianmarco Pozzecco held another remarkable press conference. As he waited for Nicolo Melli to join him in the press room, he asked journalists about their origins. "Spanish? Filipino? Egypt? Honduras? USA? Greece?" Pozzecco inquired, scanning the room.
Gianmarco Pozzecco was heading to celebrate the Italian basketball team's rare qualification for the World Cup quarterfinals after a crucial victory over Puerto Rico. As the press conference concluded, the FIBA cameras were turned off, and journalists were preparing to leave their seats, he suddenly returned with an important message.
The Italian national team's head coach, Gianmarco Pozzecco, has been under tremendous pressure during the 2023 FIBA World Cup. After the last win against Gilas Pilipinas, the specialist admitted that he had destructive thoughts.
After the first game of the World Cup against Angola, in which Italy won 81-67 but struggled heavily, head coach Gianmarco Pozzecco said that the difficulties his team had faced in the game were mostly his fault. 
Italian NT head coach Gianmarco Pozzecco once again caught the attention of the media on Sunday due to his ongoing struggles with technical foul issues. This matter has persisted since the emotionally charged FIBA EuroBasket 2022 held last September.
Gianmarco Pozzecco continues to grapple with technical foul issues, a problem that has persisted since the emotional FIBA EuroBasket 2022 held last September. In Italy's second FIBA World Cup 2023 game against the Dominican Republic, their head coach faced ejection once again.
Italy overcame Angola in the first match of the 2023 FIBA World Cup. After the game, a hilarious episode happened during the press conference. Italian national team's head coach, Gianmarco Pozzecco, is known for his extravagant and open behavior both on and off the court. One more iteration of such an instance came near the end of the post-game presser.
Regardless of the environment, the circumstances, the opponent, or the setting, Gianmarco Pozzecco is a man who knows that it's almost a capital sin to go unnoticed.  His gestures and the way he uses encouragement to light up his players' hearts and minds have been the stuff of legend. It's only normal that the Italian tactician has almost become an iconic figure in European basketball.
Gianmarco Pozzecco, fresh off the draw for next summer's World Cup, was interviewed by Tuttosport and, in addition to the FIBA competition, he also spoke about the possible recruitment of Paolo Banchero, recently awarded as Rookie of the Year in the NBA. The words of the Italian coach, compared to his enthusiastic statements a few months ago, show that no progress has been made.
Partizan Mozzart Bet Belgrade forward James Nunnally believes that Gianmarco Pozzeco's comments about the differences between American and European guards are racist. "The rhetoric of that coach & his opinions about American guards are racist," Nunnally wrote on his Twitter account. One of Nunnally's followers tried to reply to him, but the 32-year-old wasn't having it.
Panathinaikos Athens made two offers to the current Italian NT head coach Gianmarco Pozzecco to replace Dejan Radonjic on the Greek club's bench, as first reported by Livesport newspaper.
Panathinaikos Athens made two offers to the current Italian NT head coach Gianmarco Pozzecco to replace Dejan Radonjic on the PAO bench, as first reported by Livesport newspaper. Following the rumors surrounding the coach, the Italian Basketball Federation president Gianni Petrucci spoke to the newspaper La Stampa and said that now everything will depend on Pozzecco's decision.
Gianmarco Pozzecco has been a professional basketball player for almost 20 years. He's now a professional coach, guiding the Italian national team in international competitions. Known as 'the atomic fly', Pozzecco has won the silver medal at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, knocking out favorite Lithuania in the semifinal and only losing to Argentina in the final. 
After a successful campaign in the EuroBasket 2022, Italian national team head coach Gianmarco Pozzecco received plenty of praise. With praise and good results came plenty of worldwide attention, but Pozzecco isn't forgotten at home as well. The 50-year-old coach is set to receive a dedicated aircraft.
Gianmarco Pozzecco, the head coach of the Italian national team, together with Salvatore Trainotti, the GM of the national team, and other members of the Italian federation, will travel to the USA on Sunday. The mission has a clear goal: meeting Paolo Banchero and convincing him to join the 'Squadra Azzurra' for the upcoming FIBA World Cup. 
Gianmarco Pozzecco's Italy lost against Spain in the 2023 FIBA World Cup Qualifiers yesterday. After congratulating the opponent team on the victory and pointing out key mistakes, the extravagant coach turned to another topic.
After the EuroBasket 2022 campaign where Gianmarco Pozzecco's Italian national team surprised many by beating Serbia in the Round of 16, the team is now looking to advance to the 2023 FIBA World Cup.
After Nicolo Melli shined against Nikola Jokic in the Round of 16 of EuroBasket 2022 earlier this month, the Italian national team's head coach Gianmarco Pozzecco proclaimed the forward to be the best in the world.
Gianmarco Pozzecco's jump on Giannis Antetokounmpo became one of the most spectacular moments in FIBA EuroBasket 2022. Seconds before the emotional victory against Serbia, Italy's national team head coach saw the Greek Freak in the tunnel of Mercedes-Benz Arena, jumped on him, and kissed him. "I love you, Giannis!" he screamed and ran to the gym to celebrate with his players.
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