Erman Kunter

Miestas: Istanbul
Šalis: Turkey
Gimė: 1956-10-08
As France are getting ready for their first Olympic final in 21 years, BasketNews contacted a well-known Turkish basketball specialist who has worked in France for many years and has coached many of the top players from the French team. Erman Kunter is a former national team player and one of the greatest scorers in Turkish basketball history. After playing career, he started coaching in the ...
Turkijos nacionalinės vyrų rinktinės treneris 1997-2000 metais

1994-1996: Stambulo Darussafaka (Turkija) vyr. treneris
2002-2003: Stambulo Galatasaray (Turkija) vyr. treneris
2003-2004: Šolė Basket (Prancūzija) vyr. treneris
2004-2005: Vilerbano Asvel (Prancūzija) vyr. treneris
2006-2012: Šolė Basket (Prancūzija) vyr. treneris
2012-2013: Stambulo Besiktas (Turkija) vyr. treneris