Aleksa Avramovic left the game against Cedevita early due to a suspected broken nose after a collision.

Credit: Cedevita Olimpija/Ales Fevzer
Credit Cedevita Olimpija/Ales Fevzer

Partizan Mozzart Bet Belgrade faced their third ABA League defeat on Monday against Cedevita Olimpija in Ljubljana, and the game brought more setbacks than just the loss.

Aleksa Avramovic

Aleksa  Avramovic
Aleksa  Avramovic
MIN: 20.32
PTS: 10 (53.19%)
REB: 2.22
As: 1.89
ST: 0.78
BL: 0.22
TO: 1.33
GM: 9

Early in the second quarter, Partizan guard Aleksa Avramovic had to leave the game following a collision with an opponent.

He suffered a head hit to his nose, causing bleeding. Despite attempts by the medical staff to provide first aid on the bench, it proved ineffective, leading Avramovic to head to the dressing room and later to the hospital.

Coach Zeljko Obradovic expressed his concerns, suspecting a broken nose for Avramovic.

"In the early stages of the game, we lost Aleksa, who went to the hospital to be checked. I think his nose was broken," Obradovic stated after the loss, via Telegraf. "Lots of situations, lots of blood, lots of everything. But I guess that is an integral part of the game."

According to Bojan Brezovac of Mozzart Sport, the Serbian NT member was diagnosed with a broken nose.

Partizan now rank fourth in the ABA standings with a 5-3 record. Looking ahead, they are set to face Anadolu Efes Istanbul on the road this Friday.

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Aleksa Avramovic

Aleksa  Avramovic
Team: Partizan Mozzart Bet Belgrade
Position: PG
Age: 29
Height: 192 cm
Weight: 87 kg
Birth place: Čačak, Serbia