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Hey BN+ members, we're back from the FIBA Basketball World Cup and just wanted to give a big shout-out to all of you for your fantastic support!

Your support makes it possible for us to create exclusive and high-quality content. Our goal is to make the European basketball community even stronger, and you are a key part of that effort.

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Here are some of our plans for the upcoming week:

  • An interview with Kyle Hines
  • Coverage of Gianakopoulos tournament
  • Opinion article on cons and pros of Kemba Walker's arrival in Monaco
  • Conversations with various EuroLeague players

Of course, without you, we couldn't even share such weekly plans. So, have a look at what you helped us to achieve last week.

Here are some highlights from the last week:

On two separate occasions, a decade passed when Team USA did not lose a single game. Then, both times, the losses started to occur one after another, a stage the squad is currently in.

Virtus Bologna fired Sergio Scariolo, ending a two-year relationship. BasketNews takes you inside the last tumultuous hours of the broken marriage between the two sides. What led to the breakup? What's going to happen next? 

Spanoulis said that his entire career was dedicated to his father and wished that players would feel even a little bit of the love he experienced while playing for Olympiacos.

Serge Ibaka has signed a one-year deal with Bayern Munich, thus returning to Europe after his brief stint with Real Madrid in 2011-12.

Before every game, one of the referees will meet with team captains on the court to discuss the upcoming matchup, rule enforcement, and fairplay.

Kukoc believes that Jokic hasn't reached half his potential and that he will become the best European to play the game, at least statistically. At this time, Kukoc thinks, Jokic hasn't surpassed the careers of Dino Radja, Drazen Petrovic, Vlade Divac, or Arvydas Sabonis.

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