Georgios Printezis expressed his joy and admiration for Vassilis Spanoulis, whose jersey will be retired in a special event, reflecting on their shared moments and leaving the possibility of becoming a coach open while sharing a humorous anecdote about Spanoulis.

Credit: imago images/ANE Edition-Scanpix, Olympiacos Piraeus BC
Credit imago images/ANE Edition-Scanpix, Olympiacos Piraeus BC

Georgios Printezis, the former teammate of Vassilis Spanoulis at Olympiacos Piraeus, couldn't miss the opportunity to attend the celebration in honor of the Greek basketball legend.

Georgios Printezis

Georgios  Printezis
Position: PF
Age: 38
Height: 205 cm
Weight: 107 kg
Birth place: Greece

Spanoulis is set to have his jersey retired by Olympiacos on Sunday, September 17, in a special event before Olympiacos' friendly game against EA7 Emporio Armani Milan.

Printezis shared his thoughts on the special event and the honor being bestowed upon Spanoulis: "This is a day every athlete dreams of, and we've all eagerly awaited it. Personally, I'm overjoyed for Vassilis; he truly deserves it."

Reflecting on their time together, Printezis added, "Vassilis and I have shared countless moments, both on and off the court. It's not just about the competitive moments. It's also about the camaraderie we built.

"As athletes, we often spend more time with our team than with our families, so those daily interactions and habits are what I cherish the most. It's hard to single out just one."

When asked about the possibility of becoming a coach himself, Printezis responded, "Vassilis became a coach in his own way. As for me, I'm still in the process of regaining my energy and resetting to factory settings. I believe my mind is starting and getting into a basketball atmosphere."

Printezis also shared a humorous bite about Spanoulis, saying, "Vassilis may not be superstitious, but it's interesting that every time we made it to the Final Four, his wife happened to be expecting a child. Whether it's a coincidence or not, who's to say?"

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