A member of Fenerbahce's Board of Directors said that Ataman should be more careful with his manners in Greece as they won't help him deal with the local fans there, suggesting that the coach should do some self-reflection.

Credit: BeIN Sports Turkiye; Srdjan Stevanovic/Euroleague Basketball via Getty Images
Credit BeIN Sports Turkiye; Srdjan Stevanovic/Euroleague Basketball via Getty Images

After Anadolu Efes Istanbul defeated Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul and eliminated them from Turkish League (BSL) title contention, head coach Ergin Ataman got into a conflict with members of the Fenerbahce organization.

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As he was walking off the court, he pointed his finger toward the scoreboard while looking at Fenerbahce fans with the words 'One more Cup' which immediately caused tensions to rise in the stands.

Moments later, even several managers of Fenerbahce joined the scuffle, gesturing to Ataman before the arena security calmed things down. After the game, a member of the Board of Directors of Fenerbahce Basketball - Sertac Komsuoglu addressed the coach directly in the post-game interview with BeIN Sports Turkiye.

"The coach of the opposing team cannot gesture to any Fenerbahce manager. The coach of the opposing team cannot speak on our behalf. He's a paid member of the opposing team," he said.

With Ataman already having an agreement with Panathinaikos Athens for the upcoming season, Komsuoglu gave some advice to him.

"He should not engage in these movements in Greece, there are firecrackers and flares on the fields. He's suddenly surprised at what has happened. The curses of his dear friends who are here and swearing at us will not be enough to save him."

Komsuoglu later addressed Ataman's fiery personality which, he thinks, will not help him deal with the local fans in Greece.

"I will add one more thing - the coach of the opposing team dedicates at least four paragraphs to Fenerbahce in his interviews, even on the day he won the EuroLeague trophy," he continued.

"Now he's leaving. My humble advice to him is that it's a mortal world, so he should sit down and do some self-reflection. These actions won't bring him a bonus anymore. As I said, Greece is not like Turkey in this regard. I hope he can act like he did here."

The incident from another angle:

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