Vildoza said that the long break between the semifinal series and the upcoming final series in the ABA League is really affecting the player and their rhythm. Both Vildoza and Campazzo told that the Partizan-Real series was great but commended the Spanish team on the victory. Later on, both guard chose their favorite games of the season.

Credit: Crvena Zvezda Meridianbet/Djordje Kostic
Credit Crvena Zvezda Meridianbet/Djordje Kostic

Even though the season is not over yet, Crvena Zvezda Meridianbet Belgrade haven't played a single match for almost two weeks. Luca Vildoza admits that it's difficult to stay in form throughout the period.

2-pointers this season

Points made: 19,3
Accuracy: 54,5%
Place in standings: 11
Record max: 33
Record min: 11
Most made 2FGs: Filip Petrusev

In an interview with Sportal, Vildoza told the wait is taking a toll on the players.

"It's really affecting us. We're kind of tired of practicing and waiting for so long," he said. "We were usually playing so many games during the season and now we're waiting for almost 20-25 days until we play the next game. We're out of rhythm so we need to play in practices a little bit more."

Crvena Zvezda are waiting for their opponent in the ABA League final. The series between Partizan Mozzart Bet Belgrade and Cedevita Olimpija Ljubljana is currently tied 1-1 with the deciding game scheduled for Tuesday, June 6th. The league has also announced that the final series would not start until Monday, June 12th.

The tournament's schedule got elongated due to Partizan competing in the EuroLeague playoffs in an unforgettable series against Real Madrid. Facundo Campazzo, who did the interview alongside his Argentinian teammate Vildoza, thinks that it was a special series.

"It was a great series to watch. Partizan played at a high level throughout almost the entire series. Real had [Edy] Tavares who was the main player in the series. They had experience and a lot of players with this kind of experience in important games. Real Madrid played really well in the series, especially after the fight. They started playing zone, and Partizan couldn't find a solution," the guard said.

"After Game 2, they had nothing to lose."

"It was tough. Everything changed after that "fight"," Vildoza agreed. "In the end, Madrid did a great job. They had Tavares, and he was controlling the game both on offense and defense, he was the main guy in the series. I think Partizan couldn't handle him. [Mario] Hezonja and Chacho [Rodriguez] were playing great at the end but I think Tavares was the main guy. In the end, they won the EuroLeague, so it wasn't an accident that they won the series."

Facundo Campazzo

Facundo  Campazzo
Facundo  Campazzo
MIN: 28.45
PTS: 15 (57.14%)
REB: 2.78
As: 5.89
ST: 1.89
BL: 0
TO: 2.89
GM: 9

Both Vildoza and Campazzo have been part of Crvena Zvezda for at least half a year. When they were asked to name the most memorable game this season, Vildoza didn't hesitate one bit.

"Everybody already knows," he said. "It's when Nedovic hit the three-point shot. That was a great game. They were up the entire game and we ended up winning it at the end with Nedo's shot. For me, that's the best game of the season."

"I watched it on TV," Facu said about the first-ever eternal derby in the EuroLeague on December 8th that Vildoza mentioned. "I don't know. I would pick the Serbian Cup in Nis. It was my first derby against them, 50/50 with the fans, it was a great environment. I'd pick that one also because we won the game and we took the trophy."

Later on, Campazzo wanted to give love to Crvena Zvezda fans.

"They wait for us after every game, for every player, they show us love and support, it's very nice to see that kind of love from them," he said. "The way we can try to give that love back is to try our 100% in every game."

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Facundo Campazzo

Facundo  Campazzo
Team: Crvena Zvezda Meridianbet Belgrade
Position: PG
Age: 32
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Birth place: Cordoba, Argentina