NBA official Eric Lewis supposedly has a burner account on Twitter under the name of blair cuttliff that only follows NBA refereeing accounts and his wife's team, and largely defends Lewis on Twitter and feuds with fans that criticize the NBA referees.

Credit: Michael Reaves/Getty Images/AFP - Scanpix
Credit Michael Reaves/Getty Images/AFP - Scanpix

NBA referees have been heavily criticized in recent years for various reasons. One of them allegedly decided to push back but not in a traditional way.

Official Eric Lewis got into public discourse lately after a photo of his family in a Celtics jersey was discovered, prompting NBA fans to create theories about his affiliation with the Boston's club.

Thursday night, Twitter users discovered that Lewis has allegedly created a so-called burner account on the platform to defend himself.

The account goes under the name of blair cuttliff. Before it got discovered, it only followed five Twitter accounts - NBA, NBA Official, NBA Referees, RefAnalytics, and George Mason Women's Basketball. The last account is associated with Lewis' wife being the head coach of the team.

It was largely used to defend Eric Lewis or NBA officiating, correcting people when they were talking about Lewis but it wasn't him in question. The account was also having a minor feud with Lakers fans during a Nuggets-Lakers series.

Since the discovery, the account has gained 100+ followers. Even though it was momentarily inactive on the platform, it was brought back and responded to the original post of 'outing' Lewis as the owner of the account.

"This is MARK Lewis. Right family (older brother). I'm sorry that I put E, in this situation, but this ain't Watergate," it responded.

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