FIBA announced that Qatar will host the 2027 World Cup. The Emirate will have the chance to host another major sporting event after recently hosting the FIFA World Cup. The role of the Arabian Peninsula is expanding in professional sports, but is it really positive news?

Credit: FIBA
Credit FIBA

A few hours before we found out about the groups of the next World Cup, FIBA announced that the 2027 edition would be held in Qatar.

The news came as a bit of a surprise, mainly because FIBA had not officially announced the primary candidates to host the 2027 World Cup in the weeks leading up to it and because there was the impression that it was a direct allocation rather than a contest between multiple competitors.

Therefore, after hosting the World Cup between November and December 2022, Qatar will also be the venue for the World Basketball Championship.

The ultimate desire of the emirate ruled by the Al Thani family is to host the Olympic Games as well. Thus the events already organized in recent years will serve as a launching pad for the grand Olympic project.

For FIBA, this will be the third World Cup in a row to be set in the Asian continent after the one hosted by China in 2019 and the upcoming one, which will take place in the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia from August of this year.

More specifically, it seems that the Arabian Peninsula's role in professional sports is becoming increasingly relevant.

When BasketNews contacted FIBA to get some more details on the matter, a spokesperson said the following:

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