Kevin Punter revealed that he's been modeling his game after Kevin Durant since KD was in college. The Partizan guard called ASVEL and TJ Parker's comment irrelevant and dismissed it as having no clue about the true situation.

Credit: Partizan Mozzart Bet/Dragana Stjepanovic
Credit Partizan Mozzart Bet/Dragana Stjepanovic

Two years ago, Kevin Punter missed a shot that could've brought his team to the EuroLeague final. This year, he has a chance to redeem himself in the playoffs as a member of Partizan Mozzart Bet Belgrade.

Before the quarterfinal series matchup against Real Madrid, Punter sat down for an interview with Bojan Brezovac from Mozzart Sport to talk about the upcoming matchup, his game, and other topics in European basketball.

In the middle of the interview, the interviewer mentioned BasketNews' URBONUS podcast comparing Punter with Kevin Durant and calling the Partizan player a baby version of the NBA superstar.

Punter revealed that he modeled his game after KD from the early days.

"I do a lot, especially early in my career," he said about modeling his game after KD. "Just how efficient KD is, he doesn't need 50,000 dribbles to get to a spot. Obviously, for me it's different, I'm not 7-foot, so I may have to use a little bit more dribbles. For sure, just his midrange, three-point, just how he gets to his spots, I've been studying since he was at Texas. I'm really familiar with his game."

"I had never at that point in my career seen a player that was just as skinny, not at the same height but just as skinny as me, and similar style of play that was killing everybody. Anywhere. He and I played for the same coach - Rick Barnes," Punter continued. "We've got something in common. The crazy part is when I broke my foot, I actually spoke to him about breaking my foot and how you recover and how you go through it because me and him went to the same doctor. It was a fun little story."

Last week, LDLC ASVEL Villeurbanne head coach TJ Parker's comment about the supposedly easier domestic schedule that Zalgiris Kaunas and Partizan face which helps the two teams in the EuroLeague made rounds in European basketball circles.

Asked to respond to the comment, Punter just dismissed it.

"He doesn't have a clue. Most people don't have a clue until they come and play in the ABA League and see how it is. That's expected. I'm not even sure what place they were about. No one talks about them," the guard concluded.

Full Mozzart Sport interview with Kevin Punter:

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