Draymond Green criticized the NBPA for its role in the agreement and said that the young players are getting f---ed with the new deal.

Credit: Getty Images via AFP
Credit Getty Images via AFP

The NBA and the NBPA reached an agreement on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Friday night. However, not everyone was happy about it.

Draymond Green

Draymond  Green
Draymond  Green
MIN: 31.5
PTS: 8.45 (56.28%)
REB: 7.25
As: 6.93
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BL: 0.78
TO: 2.74
GM: 69

Golden State Warriors star forward Draymond Green took issue with a new rule that prohibits high-spending teams to use the mid-level taxpayer exception after getting over the salary tax line by more than $17.5 million.

Instead, additional spending and trade opportunities were created for other teams that usually spend less, Adrian Wojnarowski from ESPN notes.

"Players lose again," Green commented on the decision on Twitter. "Middle and Lower spectrum teams don't spend because they don't want to. They want to lose. So [you] increase their spending capabilities just to increase them. They continue to cut out the middle. And this is what we rushed into a deal for?"

Later on, Draymond took on the notion that the players will receive $500,000 each for winning the in-season tournament.

"What happened to the 1mm they said when this idea was first introduced?!?! Sheesh we lost 500k there too!"

"Never seen someone go to a table with the assets that make an entire machine go, and lose EVERY time! Blasphemous," he said about the NBPA's role in the agreement.

Confronted by some fans, Green pushed back, saying that he's not the one that's being the most affected among the players.

"I’m in year 11 bro. It’s the younger guys and also those that aren't in the league yet that get F*cked!"

After several tweets, Green said that he would share his full opinion on his podcast later.

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