Jock Landale is sued for allegedly jumping on the plaintiff's lower stomach to the beat of a song, causing multiple injuries that forced the student to undergo a discectomy.

Credit: Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports - Scanpix
Credit Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports - Scanpix

Phoenix Suns big man Jock Landale has been sued by his former schoolmate.

Jock Landale

Jock  Landale
Jock  Landale
MIN: 14.15
PTS: 6.56 (58.44%)
REB: 4.03
As: 0.95
ST: 0.25
BL: 0.45
TO: 0.86
GM: 64

According to The Herald Sun, the Australian basketball player is being taken to court by Max Jones, the son of famous Aussie Rules player Sam Newman.

The incident happened on February 7th, 2013, the plaintiff writes. Jones alleges that Landale forced him to the ground and attacked him. Notably, Landale is said to have repeatedly jumped on Jones' lower stomach to the beat of a song.

The incident caused him to undergo a discectomy and remove the damaged discs in his spine a week later, Jones claims in the writ obtained by the news outlet.

"As a result of the incident and the injuries caused by the incident, the plaintiff’s ability to concentrate and study was prejudiced," the writ claims.

Jones was in year 10 of high school while Landale was in year 12. The NBA center has denied all allegations.

"I know that Max suffered a debilitating back injury during an incident with another student at the school he attended and it is an ongoing problem today," Newman told The Herald Sun.

The Geelong Grammar School is being sued as well. The institution is being taken to court for negligence and "failing to institute a culture at the school th­at ­prevented the abuse of students by fellow students".

The school has denied all claims, stating that the room where the incident allegedly happened was supervised at all times and that Jones did not report any incidents at the time.

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