Shaquille McKissic didn't have high hopes for Sasha Vezenkov's game-winner in the EuroLeague drama in Kaunas.

Credit: Dainius Lukšta
Credit Dainius Lukšta

Shaquielle McKissic spotted the switch and reacted immediately when Sasha Vezenkov shook off Zalgiris' finest defender Arnas Butkevicius with 12 seconds to play in a tied game in Kaunas.

Player of the Game
Aleksandr  Vezenkov
Aleksandr Vezenkov
Points 25
Accuracy 11-16
Rebounds 8
Assists 2

Olympiacos' guard didn't waste a second and dished the ball to set up his teammate for a potential game-winning move. Vezenkov barely had a chance to glance up before McKissic delivered the ball to Thomas Walkup, who smartly sent it to the high post.

Vezenkov had Tomas Dimsa breathing down his neck there, but the Bulgarian forward was undaunted. The athletic but undersized defender of Zalgiris went toward Vezenkov with all his strength, but the MVP was in the zone.

In one fluid motion, Vezenkov took the ball down, bounced it once, and sent it hurtling toward the basket in a shot that would determine the game's outcome.

The fadeaway had an uncanny motion, reminiscent of the legendary Dirk Nowitzki's signature move, but the result was the same: pure magic.

The ball swished through the net, sending the Olympiacos fans into a frenzy and securing the team's victory and the EuroLeague playoffs berth.

"Wow, I can't believe he just made that," thought McKissic as he stood beyond the arc, still in disbelief over what he had just witnessed.

Vezenkov had been pulling off some surprising shots in practice for the last few weeks, and he had continued to amaze his teammate during the Round 29 game.

"In practice for the last two weeks, the way the ball rotates in the sky, I think it's short every time. So I was just yelling out, 'short!' And every single time, he has been making it. And this had the same exact effect," recalled McKissic, with a smile on his face, as he thought back to Vezenkov's game-winning shot with just six seconds left on the clock.

Shaquielle McKissic

Shaquielle  McKissic
Team: Olympiacos Piraeus
Position: SG
Age: 32
Height: 196 cm
Weight: 96 kg
Birth place: Seattle, United States of America

Vezenkov's mid-range shot ultimately decided the game, as Olympiacos fought a tough battle against Zalgiris, winning 74-72.

"When it left his hands, I thought it was short. And when it went in, I just looked at him, and I was stunned," McKissic admitted to BasketNews. "He said he couldn't even see the basket, so... That's incredible."

Vezenkov's impressive performance didn't end with his game-winning shot.

He scored 25 points, the third-highest of the year, and maintained a perfect 9 of 9 two-point shooting record throughout the game.

He was just three shots shy of the EuroLeague record held by Gustavo Ayon, who made 11 of 11 in 2019 against Fenerbahce.

In addition to his scoring, Vezenkov also contributed eight rebounds, two assists, two steals, and a performance index rating of 32.

When he was on such a perfect shooting night, Olympiacos had no other idea than just sending the ball to Vezenkov.

"Even if it weren't a switch, I would tell Tom [Walkup] to pop. If Sasha is posting, there's no need for anybody to play a hero ball at this time. Sasha is the best player in the EuroLeague, so he should be taking that shot," explained McKissic in an interview with Basketnews.

Vezenkov's impressive performance prompted comparisons to Dirk Nowitzki, and McKissic couldn't help but giggle as he recalled his teammate's first-ever game-winning shot in the EuroLeague.

"It was for sure, Dirk," he joked before correcting himself. "But no, it was Sasha. He's playing unbelievably."

BasketNews interview with Sasha Vezenkov:

Breaking down the uniqueness of Sasha Vezenkov:

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