Golden State Warriors are expected to generate the most revenue among NBA franchises by 2030. New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers are anticipated to be the second and third highest-earning NBA teams after seven years, respectively.

Credit: Scanpix - USA Today Sports, Getty Images via AFP-Scanpix
Credit Scanpix - USA Today Sports, Getty Images via AFP-Scanpix

The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to generate the most revenue from the NBA franchises in the 2022-23 season, specifically, $316 million.

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Most made 3FGs: Anthony Edwards

However, the trend might change in the near future, as the reigning champions Golden State Warriors are emerging as the centerpiece among NBA teams. has calculated that GSW will be the highest-earning team by 2030.

The Warriors rank 1st, with a projected 2030 yearly revenue of $628 million – a 143% jump from their current earnings.

The Lakers are anticipated to drop to the third position after 7 years. Their projected revenue is predicted to be $501 million, which means a leap of 59%.

The New York Knicks should be the second highest-earning club with $507 million in revenue – a 70% jump.

Across the NBA, the average team is projected to increase by 74% – around $159 million.

The table below is in order of projected 2030 revenues:

Place Team Current revenue Projected revenue in 2030 Numerical change % change
1. Golden State Warriors $258M $628M $370M 143%
2. New York Knicks $298M $507M $209M 70%
3. Los Angeles Lakers $316M $501M $185M 59%
4. Philadelphia 76ers $236M $433M $197M 84%
5. Houston Rockets $223M $406M $183M 82%
6. Dallas Mavericks $231M $404M $173M 75%
7. Utah Jazz $262M $400M $138M 53%
8. Milwaukee Bucks $212M $395M $183M 86%
9. Los Angeles Clippers $219M $391M $172M 79%
10. Toronto Raptors $194M $377M $183M 94%
11. Cleveland Cavaliers $211M $376M $165M 78%
12. Sacramento Kings $192M $376M $184M 96%
13. Brooklyn Nets $212M $370M $158M 75%
14. Washington Wizards $213M $368M $155M 73%
15. Boston Celtics $211M $366M $155M 73%
16. Portland Trail Blazers $201M $348M $147M 73%
17. Chicago Bulls $213M $347M $134M 63%
18. Miami Heat $218M $345M $127M 58%
19. San Antonio Spurs $205M $343M $138M 68%
20. Atlanta Hawks $199M $338M $139M 70%
21. Minnesota Timberwolves $199M $332M $133M 67%
22. Phoenix Suns $206M $324M $118M 57%
23. Charlotte Hornets $183M $318M $135M 74%
24. Denver Nuggets $185M $318M $133M 72%
25. Detroit Pistons $192M $316M $124M 64%
26.  Indiana Pacers $179M $313M $134M 75%
27. Oklahoma City Thunder $183M $311M $128M 70%
28.  Memphis Grizzlies $186M $305M $119M 64%
29. New Orleans Pelicans $181M $302M $121M 67%
30.  Orlando Magic $188M $302M $114M 60%
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