Partizan's president Ostoja Mijailovic assured that the organization will do its best to ensure that there will be no incidents during the derby against Crvena Zvezda. He also hoped that the match would deliver on the promise of being the first one in EuroLeague's history.

Credit: Pedja Milosavljevic/SIPA - Scanpix
Credit Pedja Milosavljevic/SIPA - Scanpix

Partizan Mozzart Bet Belgrade and Crvena Zvezda mts Belgrade will meet for the first time in EuroLeague's history today. With the entire European basketball community's eyes on the match, security concerns have been brought up once again.

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With the match right around the corner, information surfaced that Partizan will not designate a separate area for Crvena Zvezda fans, which the red-and-whites strongly disputed, claiming it will endanger their fans.

10 days ago, the two clubs met in the ABA League where the game had to be suspended due to fans throwing various items on the court. However, Partizan's president Ostoja Mijailovic assured that the organization will do its best to avoid any incidents.

"We have no information on how many Zvezda fans could be in the arena," Mijailovic told SportKlub Srbija. "It is extremely important that everything goes smoothly, that everyone is safe because kids and women will be there."

"If there are visiting fans, they will be in an enormous minority. Therefore, those who love Partizan must show themselves in the best light. Above all results, people's lives are the most precious," the Partizan president continued. "As a club, we will do our best to prevent something bad from happening."

In the end, Mijailovic was happy to welcome Crvena Zvezda when the two clubs are largely similar in strength.

"For six years now, I have been waiting for Partizan to have the opportunity to play a game like this," the president said. "It is fantastic that we welcome our city rival in a packed arena. Every derby is a story in itself."

"I expect this match to be remembered for decades because it is something special and historic for this area. I also think that the whole of Europe is waiting to see how the duel between the two Serbian giants will go," Mijailovic told.

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