Josiah Johnson was born without legs but it didn't stop him from making the Moore Middle School basketball team. The player was even selected into the starting five in a game.


Basketball is a global sport that brings people together no matter their upbringing, financial or physical abilities. One of the best examples of it was seen in the Moore Middle School in Louisville, USA.

Josiah Johnson was born without legs. Nevertheless, it did not stop him from pursuing his basketball dream.

"It's just something that I had to do. I don't want you doubting me because I have no legs," the player said to WLKY News. "I want to show you that I'm just as human as you are, I'm just as good as you are if not better than you."

Not only Johnson plays basketball regularly, but he also made the middle school's basketball team. On top of that, he was recently named into the starting five during a match.

"I acted like I wasn't excited in front of coach," Johnson said about making the team. "When I went in the gym, I was excited."

"He shows up every day. If we have to do sprints or something like that, he would run them too as well," head coach Daquan Boyd told. "It's very exciting to actually see him get out there and try to do everything that they try to do."

Johnson's teammates also agree that even though their friend is physically limited, he more than makes up for it in other ways. 

"He's improved my confidence as a player and a person off and on the court. He doesn't care what anybody else says. He's him and he doesn't care," Johnson's teammate Malakei Loveless said.

"He can inspire other people. Don't think just because you don't have something you can't do something. You can always pursue what you want to in life," teammate Dexter McAtee added.

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