Paulius Motiejunas, Zalgiris' general manager, states that Real and Barcelona's spending politics lead EuroLeague teams to nowhere.

Credit: Erikas Ovčarenko/BNS
Credit Erikas Ovčarenko/BNS

Paulius Motiejunas criticized Spanish basketball giants' spending politics, noting that it increases prices for the rest of the EuroLeague teams.

"We saw Maccabi's budget yesterday. Capacity has increased significantly and there are several reasons. First of all, not many players arrived from the United States due to COVID-19. Moreover, the pool of basketball players with EuroLeague experience reduced and that raised the prices," commented Zalgiris GM in a press conference about financial numbers.

"We see the losses of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. It's going to lead us nowhere, we have to think about how to reduce spending," Motiejunas continued.

"After that, we end up making harm to ourselves and raising prices. Capabilities have definitely increased and it's getting harder and harder to get into the Top 8."

As reported before, Real Madrid closed the last season with €31.1 million in losses and had the last four years' losses combined for €102.84 million.

Meanwhile, Barca recorded a €30.0 million loss this past campaign and had €115.2 million combined losses over the last four seasons.

Partizan Belgrade's president recently stated that "basketball is a beautiful but unprofitable sport".

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