Sergio Scariolo admits that the change in generations is not nearly complete in Spain. He also believes that Virtus Bologna will not create any difficulties in coaching during the windows.

Credit: Federación Española de Baloncesto
Credit Federación Española de Baloncesto

The Spanish national team captured its fourth EuroBasket gold on Sunday, all four under head coach Sergio Scariolo

The team did it against all odds. Before the tournament, Spain was barely ranked in the Top 8. However, they not only defied expectations, but they also did it in style, playing team basketball when it mattered most.

Although happy for the achievement, Scariolo doesn't want to fall asleep in the victorious celebrations. The roster is still mostly young and inexperienced, and the change in generations will take time to fully develop.

"Let's not make the mistake of thinking that everything will be automatic having won this Eurobasket against all expectations. The others will find a way to make the most of all the talent they have at their disposal, which in the next two, three, or four years will be superior to the rest," Scariolo told. "It's not going to change much. We do have the feeling of having taken an important step in the generational changeover."

"That is the crossing of the desert. Here we have found an oasis in the first kilometer of the desert, but we know how much desert we are going to have now before we find the next one," the coach gave an analogy. "You have to have your feet on the ground. It's nice to dream, but you have to be realistic, and the competition is brutal."

Considered a FIBA basketball legend, Scariolo will now come back to his club, Virtus Segafredo Bologna, to prepare for the upcoming EuroLeague season. Knowing the obstacles it usually creates in participating in FIBA Qualifiers windows, the coach is sure an arrangement with the club will be reached.

"Well, in theory, no," asked whether Virtus will form any kind of barriers throughout the season. "It is planned. Then conversations can always be opened to harmonize, but formally, not at all."

Scariolo is 61 years old now. In the past, a number of coaches would retire at a similar age. He's seemingly done it all, at least on the international stage, but the idea of retirement hasn't come to the specialist's mind yet.

"From time to time, the idea comes to you. It hasn't occurred to me to consider it because I coach and enjoy basketball, I have passion and energy, I'm up to date, and I feel competitive and strong," Scariolo told.

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