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The Octagon Europe agency announced the very sad news to the basketball community yesterday that the founder of one of the largest agencies in European basketball, Georgios Dimitropoulos, passed away at the age of 50.

Among others, Dimitropoulos managed the careers of great Greek players such as Theodoros Papaloukas, Nikos Zisis, and Georgios Printezis.

Together with Georgios Panou, he led Giannis Antetokounmpo from the second Greek division to the NBA.

Dimitropoulos had a significant impact on many overseas players competing in Europe as well Kyle Hines being one of them.

The playing EuroLeague legend shared a story on his Twitter account to remember how great Dimitropoulos was as an agent and person.

"I meant George for the first time in Bamberg after we won the German League Championship at the celebration party. He was at the bar and he introduced himself to me as the 'Greek Rep' for Octagon. He then tells me that, he going to bring to Olympiacos next season.

I'm thinking to myself, this guy has had too much to drink, I need to have what he is having, cause there is no way Olympiacos is signing me next season. Well 2 months later, I was playing for Olympiacos. That was the type of agent George was. He made the impossible, possible.

During the next two years in Greece, George treated me like family. He is truly a one of kind person. He will be missed dearly. Rest in Peace," Hines wrote.

Kyle Hines is a four-time EuroLeague champion, winning the trophy twice as an Olympiacos player in 2012 and 2013.

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